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  • Plenumsoft  is a global IT development company, specializing in providing solutions for software development needs across a wide range of verticals.
  • For the third year running, Mérida  has remained at the top of the group of cities in Mexico where the quality of life is at its highest.

  • We offer a Minimum Viable Product construction service, aimed at technology based startups, with a maximum duration of 3 months.

    Because everyone deserves to be a CEO.

  • Thinking  of becoming a globally competitive professional?

    Here at Plenumsoft we offer our staff the opportunity to be creative, to express their true talents, reach higher and grow with us.

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The goal of our business is to develop software that serves as a tool that can help a variety of industries and companies, helping make their processes efficient, as well as improve their economic, enviromental and social impact.

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24/7 Helpdesk rated top 6 in Latin America by Pink Elephant

Collaborative research platform and specialized web development

Outsouring services for administrational purposes

Administrative systems development

Plant simulation designs for USA, Asia, Australia and Chile


Disruptive technological advances currently taking place in different industrial and service sectors force software and hardware solutions to be constructed to your highly specific needs.

Digital Image Processing
Computational Complexity
Modeling and Visualization
Scientific Computing
Computational Geometry
Software and Hardware
Simulation and Prediction Modeling