• Global IT development company
    specializing in providing solutions for software development needs across a wide variety of verticals.

Plenumsoft, is a Mexican Company based out of Yucatan with more than 24 years of experience in the market and the largest software company in the Southeast of Mexico.

Created in 1995 the company has grown exponentially over the years generating value for its generating value fot its customers.

Employing over 260 highly skilled professionals

We build teams and solutions around our clients’ needs, providing unique project management models focused on identifying, analyzing and solving demands quickly and effectively in order to help your company reach its potential.

Specialized in the development of innovative integrated solutions for various business groups, focusing on solving complex interdisciplinary problems through detection, quote elaboration and solution generation.

Certified as having one of the top six helpdesks throughout Latin America by Pink elephant, Plenumsoft contains a wide variety of business lines: Agro-industrial, Education, Data Science, Logistical, Outsourcing and Startups.

Affordable, reliable and fast solutions

‪‪Over the past years we have experienced exponential growth yet still manage to provide affordable, reliable and fast solutions while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Being so close to the USA and Canada, Mexico has leaped to become one of the world’s top offshoring providers, and with the opportunity for growth we have our sites on reaching ever higher than before. Maintaining strategic alliances with tech giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, CMMI and ITIL and providing continuous post project convenient support we have gained a strong reputation as being a leader throughout our industry.