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Mérida, México

Mérida, is the capital of the state of Yucatán, which boasts a rich Mayan and colonial heritage. With a growing population of around 1 million inhabitants the city’s famous cathedral built using relics from ancient Mayan temples sits among 16th-century mansions and a vibrant cultural scene. The city has heavy Mayan, Spanish, French, British, and Dutch influences and has boomed both economically and within the technological industry at a rapid pace throughout the last decade. A top tourist destination, place to retire and business capital of the south, Mérida is the perfect nearshore partner for any international tech company.

The birthplace of positional zero

Yucatán is home to the Mayans, the culture accredited with discovering and using positional 0 as early as 36BC for the first time. Without positional 0 the Binary code could not have been invented and computing as we know it today may not exist.
As Yucatán was at the forefront of modern society and technology when the Mayans ruled, so is it now with its young vibrant talent and advanced IT companies and services.

Latin America’s cultural capital for 2017

In January Mérida won the designation “Cultural Capital of the Americas” for 2017. Mérida is the only city to have been honored twice by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals. The White City was the first city to receive the honor in 2000, and more and more tourists have been persuaded to visit for the music, art and culture ever since.

Forbes top 3 destination to visit 2017

Mérida has been voted as the number 3 tourist destination in the World, to visit in 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

Lonely Planet’s number 4 best city 2017

Mérida was awarded number 4 best city in the World for 2017 by Lonely Planet. Quoted as ‘the largest and most attractive city on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula’ and having ‘a touch of European chic’, Merida is moving up the ladder as a popular tourist destination year after year.

Yucatán Country Club

Considered one of the best communities to live in throughout Latin America, the luxurious Yucatán country club boasts an 18-hole, Jack Nicklaus signature golf course containing natural cenotes, which has held numerous international competitions over the years, as well as many other lavish amenities.

Mérida’s Technological Park

The Yucatán Scientific & Technological Park is one of the best and most significant regional efforts throughout Mexico, to join the work of the most important scientific institutions to benefit the development of the region as well as the formation and specialization of future scientists.

Forefront of ecological issues

In February 2017 Mérida became the first city in Mexico to use 100% ecological electric vehicles as police patrol cars to help combat contamination throughout the city. As well as this, 2 charging facilities were also set up within the council’s carpark as well as 4 in the plaza, Altabrisa, to help invoke higher public interest in renewable energy.

Fiber Optics

Mérida is the capital of the Yucatan peninsula which spans the entire Southeast of Mexico and is home to the largest fiber optic network in the Caribbean connecting Mexico directly to Florida along with 17+ other countries.