• Logistical
    Research indicates that the logistic sector’s global market value is $4 trillion dollars, which represent 10% of the Global Gross Domestic Product.

Due to the worldwide increase of online commerce and distribution through different channels, the logistic sector needs to deal head on with the most common problems related to the supply chain: traceability, flexibility,

speed, integration and price. Plenumsoft develops solutions focused on resolving these problems and builds new technologies, which contribute great value to the logistic industry globally.

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Benefits and solutions:
  • Driver behavior monitoring as well as the opportunity to obtain relevant information that positively influences fuel reduction, the reduction of CO2 emissions and road accidents thanks to the reading of vehicular measurement algorithms
  • Control over distribution activities and the possibility to verify the correct management, through the loading and allocation of distribution routes of a fleet
  • Real time visualizations of fleet vehicle locations are offered as well as the ability to monitor the progress of a distribution route allowing for the reduction of workflow.