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Combining 260+ in-house experts with 22+ years of experience over 180+ websites and 100+ mobile apps developed throughout Mexico, central America and the United States, we are able to offer our clients secure, innovative and fresh software development focused on

their client’s user experience and that of their own through working with us. We believe developing your ideas should take you on a journey of creation and learning, inevitably forming relationships that will benefit us both well into the future.

Automation of knowledge work

The economic impact of Automation of Knowledge Work on the global economy by 2025 is predicted to reach $5-7 trillion USD across a wide range of industry sectors. By 2012 it was estimated there were 230 million knowledge workers in the world, a number which has grown exponentially since and is essential for creating new relationships between knowledge workers and machines in areas such as artificial intelligence and knowledge processing.

Data science

Today an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created daily, which is expected to exceed 240 exabytes daily by 2020. Due to demand for data scientists globally being projected to exceed supply by more than 50 percent by 2018, the need for experts trained in extracting insights from data is more important than ever.

Application Modernization

The key to modernizing a client’s portfolio is retaining value in what already exists while enhancing applications through innovative transformation. Here at Plenumsoft we deconstruct the current application, and thoroughly explore what can be retained and what modernized, therefor permitting us to propose the most apt solutions with regard to cost, capability and flexibility.

ERP Management

When automation of back office functions is needed by our clients we develop, integrate, implement, test and maintain processes uniquely designed to enhance the enterprise’s working environment. Whether functional or technical help desk support is required once these processes are implemented we offer 24/7 monitoring, backup and recovery of all applications and interfaces and are certified by Pink Elephant as having 1 of the top 6 helpdesks throughout Latin America.

Application Security Management

Protecting your applications by providing cost effective solutions and clearly outlining tactical risk control strategies allows us help our clients protect themselves from malicious attacks. Once security vulnerabilities are detected we provide appropriate plans of action to protect from loss, damage or complications to clients’ assets.

Information Management

Regardless of format (audio, data, electronic documents, imaging, paper, video), or source (systems, machine or user-generated) the information lifecycle must be continuously conserved aptly. To successfully deliver a client’s information through the desired channel we collect, process, allocate and present always with the enrichment of business performance in mind.

Product/Project Development

Product and project development solutions are measured by specific customer criteria and planned, designed, developed and implemented at ever increasing speeds due to development of technological innovations soaring growth. We offer in depth requirement analysis combined with speedy results, constant visibility of progress, easy communication 24/7 in an accessible time zone, extensive resources along with easy access to U.S. client sites and competitive costs to offer our clients comprehensive results without disturbing their current processes. Whether the client knows exactly which metrics they wish to achieve and prefers a traditional methodical plan to follow or they have little structured framework, more flexibility and prefer an agile method we can design approaches to achieve each specific need.


In today’s fast paced world entrepreneurs and the market change ideas way before a product is even completed. How are startups meant to deal with such high demands when trying to bring their ideas and dreams to life? Whether or not you’re an...

Team enhancement

Whether our clients require custom development, Microsoft or Oracle technology solutions, quality assurance or any other type of staff augmentation service we have approaches best suited to fit each individual requirement. We create a comprehensive blueprint of our resources, the objectives the client wishes to achieve and the steps we'll take to get there together.


Due to ever-increasingly intricate applications built to cutting edge requirements, testing is even more crucial and critical to maintain quality and minimize risk in today’s fast paced agile environments. To combat these risks, we offer: Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Mobile Software Testing, Security and Penetration Testing and Agile Software Testing

Managed Services

Whether a client is looking to free up IT resources for more business critical tasks, decrease support costs of simply prefers to manage services such as: systems management, infrastructure management, data storage and management or human resources through remote maintenance we can offer in depth visibility into activities and progress controlled by fixed milestones to accurately control costs and schedule throughout.